Ed Sheeran spotted a few miles from Westeros

Yup, the rumours were true: he was in it, and that was never going to end well. Though now that I’ve seen it, I think it could have been much much worse. Fortunately, he wasn’t on for long; unfortunately, the whole scene looked as if it had been dreamt up just to have him there.


Now, I’ve time for Ed Sheeran as a musician. But being a talented musician is not the same as being a half-decent actor, and I think the lad sort of proved that. And what was with the other blokes he was sharing a rat around the camp fire with? They couldn’t act either! Were they his band or something, or were they just dialing it back a bit so he wouldn’t look quite so wooden?

Naturally, this less-than-stellar appearance has set Twitter alight: the fans wish it hadn’t happened; the directors are defending it.

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Who should take the Iron Throne?

To begin with, I’m not sure why anyone would want to sit on something that uncomfortable, but in any case, there’s only one person in the seven kingdoms who deserves it, so I’m siding with the rest of the Interweb:


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