The Last Murder at the End of the World

On an island surrounded by an invisible barrier, the last one hundred and thirty humans live their lives as best they can, knowing that just beyond the barrier lies the mysterious black fog that killed everyone else on Earth.

The Last Murder at the End of the World

But following a series of gruesome murders and disappearances, the fog begins to encroach on the island. One particularly sassy inhabitant is tasked with solving the mystery before it’s too late. …

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Against a Dark Background by Iain M. Banks


Okay. This is a sci-fi epic from the late, great Ian M. Banks who brought us the outstanding Culture series. This isn’t one of those, but the style is not all that dissimilar.

Against a Dark Background

Against a Dark Background tells the story of Lady Sharrow: ex-soldier, and current aristocratic who’s fallen on hard times. To make matters worse, a fanatical religious order has put a bounty on her head. To escape the bounty, Sharrow embarks to n a planetary-spanning quest to find an incredibly strange and destructive artefact know as the Lazy Gun.

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