Ed Sheeran spotted a few miles from Westeros

Yup, the rumours were true: he was in it, and that was never going to end well. Though now that I’ve seen it, I think it could have been much much worse. Fortunately, he wasn’t on for long; unfortunately, the whole scene looked as if it had been dreamt up just to have him there.


Now, I’ve time for Ed Sheeran as a musician. But being a talented musician is not the same as being a half-decent actor, and I think the lad sort of proved that. And what was with the other blokes he was sharing a rat around the camp fire with? They couldn’t act either! Were they his band or something, or were they just dialing it back a bit so he wouldn’t look quite so wooden?

Naturally, this less-than-stellar appearance has set Twitter alight: the fans wish it hadn’t happened; the directors are defending it.

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