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P1010787Hello and thanks for coming … 🙂

Okay, the About page. One of the many times in my life when I wish had a lot more to tell.

My name’s Dom, I live in Reading (a town in the South of England, small enough to walk everywhere but large enough for an Apple store). I have one partner, two cats and I enjoy copious amounts of exercise which is just as well because I also enjoy copious amounts of chips. I like to dabble in the martial arts, and for the past year I’ve been thinking about learning to speak Chinese and play the guitar (not at the same time). I’m a bit of a dreamer, a hell of a procrastinator and have the mutant ability to fix most plumbing problems with a spanner and a pair of nail clippers. I tried snowboarding once and decided I preferred paragliding, which I plan to do again the next time I’m more than eight thousand feet above sea-level.

And I like writing. A lot. No particular style or genre; I’ll have a stab at anything, and my best stabs are … well … pretty damn good. I like complex multi-threaded plots, heroes with serious character flaws and villains who can’t seem to smother that annoying streak of good. I don’t think a book can ever be too long, or too short. I think heroes are often found cleaning their wheelchairs, or working in Heaven’s administration department, or having sex in a goat-shed while Nazi soldiers are searching their village.

I think a writer can never go too far.

8 thoughts on “All about me …”

  1. Thanks so much Dom! We see it again! Don’t know what happened, we had a link on our website, but it disappeared/ went to a blank page =(

    Thanks again for checking and for the review.

    Very best,


    1. Yes, I think it was the site move; it may have made things unavailable to parts of the world for a short period of time. Everything seems to be okay now 🙂

  2. Hi Dom,

    We see that you’ve deleted your review of Khel’s book To Thee is This World Given. Have you changed your mind on it? If so, Khel would love to know your thought on it, as critical comments are often the most useful to a writer. Please don’t worry that this impacts our decision to highlight you book on our site. We will keep the link to your book in our spotlight regardless, just as we promised.

    eponymbooks and Khel Milam

    1. Mmmm. No, it should still be there. I’ve moved the site to a different provider which might be causing issues with the the links. I’ll have a look.

  3. Hi Dom, we’d like to post an amazon link to one of your books to be featured on our sidebar as a thank you for taking the time to read and review Khel’s book, To Thee is This World Given. If this is okay with you, just let us know which book you’d like featured (if you have a novella that would be great, but any book is fine!). We’ll also include a link to your website. All the best, Khel and Eponym Books =)

    1. Hi there Eponym. That’s a very kind offer! Thanks very much. A link to Leonard Bliss would be probably be the most suitable. Once again, thanks! 🙂

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