Book review: The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood

the heart goes last.jpgFollowing the economic collapse of the American mid-west, Stan and Charmaine’s upwardly mobile future disintegrates within the space of a few months. They lose their jobs, their status, their home, and find themselves living in their car and rifling through trash for food while avoiding the looters and rape gangs that now roam unchecked across middle America.

Things look grim until Charmaine hears of a bizarre social experiment designed to save the United States from collapsing into anarchy.  So they move to the town of Consilience which offers them careers and a pleasant suburban home – with one small catch: every second month they must give up their lives and spend thirty days in prison as corporation-owned slaves.  They sign up; I mean, every second month in prison isn’t so bad, right…?

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