Binge-watching Daredevil Season 2…

I didn’t think it possible that the second series could top the first; glad to see I was wrong. A new uniform, the return of a few old favourites (Stick and Wilson Fisk) and a pretty bloody intro to some new ones (The Punisher and Elektra). The fighting sequences were some of the best I’ve seen on television, the plot lines were carefully crafted for intracacy without being too overwhelming, and the acting was top-notch.


And then there were the ninjas! Bloody hell! Ninjas! As if Hell’s Kitchen isn’t bad enough!

I don’t know how they managed it, but the second season was even darker than the first; it was certainly a lot more gory. Along the way we lost any pretense of humour: it was pretty black from start to finish, and the straining friendship betwen Matt and Foggy bordered on heart-breaking.

The Punisher was a lot more human than I expected (don’t mistake the word ‘human’ for ‘humane’), but this is television so it doesn’t hurt to give your characters a new dimension.

Anyway, can’t wait for Season 3.

Ten out of ten!

4 thoughts on “Binge-watching Daredevil Season 2…”

  1. dude! I been trying to stretch it out a bit. I have seen the first episode. I will watch one per week. it’s soooo good! Shane is a good bad guy. Wonder if he has been type-casted now.

    1. I tried, Lord knows I tried…

      I watched two, then thought, I’ve got another hour; just watch another one…

      Eight hours later, the final credits are rolling and I’m still in my shorts, clutching an empty donut box. What a show!

        1. I didn’t have eight hours to blow either… unfortunately that didn’t seem to stop me.

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