Raised by Wolves (HBO)

COVID binge watch # 6.

Following a war between atheists and other people, the planet Earth has become uninhabitable. In order to give humanity a second chance, an atheist scientist (you’d think they all were, but this isn’t the case) launches a probe to Keppler 4b. The probe contains two androids and boxes packed with frozen embryos.

The planet proves unsurprisingly hostile, and after twelve years, the androids (called Mother and Father) have lost all the children except one.

And to make matters worse, a ship from the religious sect arrives …

You can tell Ridley Scott was involved: Raised by Wolves is what you get if someone decided to do a spin-off series for the androids from the Alien franchise. It’s dark, dystopian, and a bit … gooey. Like Alien, there are a lot of skeletal monsters … and mucus. My god, there’s a lot of mucus …

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