Short story: The Chicken Seat

Another day, another short story. Some call it humour, the author who judged it called it a horror story, which I was rather proud of actually.

The Chicken Seat is the fictitious (at least I hope it’s fictitious) final meeting between an unnamed battle-weary prime minister, and a president stumbling into his stride.

New(ish) short story: CMV-61

I won a short story competition last year, and completely forgot to brag about it! Anyway, a year later, I’ve got around to dropping my environmentally-aware masterpiece here.

Hope you enjoy it, but I have to warn you: it’s not big on laughs.

Book review: The Wandering Earth

Nope, not a repeat: I reviewed the movie a few weeks back; the film was based on the title story from the book. We have eleven stories in all, each one a sci-fi master piece exploring mind-bending ideas that span thousands of years and affect billions of lives. Along the way, science and the physics can get a bit complex, but nothing that detracts from the pace and quality of the writing, and overall, the detail brings a certain amount of realism to the stories, enough to make you think: ‘Jesus, what if this actually happens?’, but not enough to give you a migraine. The pacing varies quite a lot from story to story, but nothing speeds up or slows down unexpectedly, and it does let you take a break for a few days to recover from what you’ve just read. But what really makes the story (indeed, any story) are the characters.

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