Short story: Cloud

white clouds and blue sky
Photo by Ithalu Dominguez on

This little gem is a COVID-inspired piece I put together during the UK lockdown that wasn’t. It’s a short sci-fi piece that asks the question: what would the country look like if the lockdown was set to go on for a little bit longer …

Short story: The Chicken Seat

Another day, another short story. Some call it humour, the author who judged it called it a horror story, which I was rather proud of actually.

The Chicken Seat is the fictitious (at least I hope it’s fictitious) final meeting between an unnamed battle-weary prime minister, and a president stumbling into his stride.

New(ish) short story: CMV-61

I won a short story competition last year, and completely forgot to brag about it! Anyway, a year later, I’ve got around to dropping my environmentally-aware masterpiece here.

Hope you enjoy it, but I have to warn you: it’s not big on laughs.