Welcoming our new robot author overlords

Ignoring everything they’ve seen throughout the Terminator franchise, a group of  Japanese researchers have come up with a computer that writes short stories… and it’s actually produced a piece of work that got through the first round of a literary competition.

AI-written novel passes literary prize screening

Creative writing as a manufactured commodity – that’s a scary thought, but perhaps it’s inevitable. Companies love automation: feed a few instructions in one end and get a finished product out of the other. It’s always been a popular notion that there are only a handful of stories and that everything written is a variation on those; if that’s true then why can’t a machine just write a half decent story?

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The Quisling Orchid … in print!

Yes, I said I’d never do it.

The book is over 500 pages, I said. It’ll weigh a ton!

But y’know something? Until you have a version of your book in print then the job just isn’t done – even if it would be pretty expensive to buy.

And so here it is: The Quisling Orchid … in print!

The Quisling_Orchid_Book.jpeg

… And I’m chuffed to bits!


The Open University is launching a Creative Writing MA!

It’s been talked about for a while now (about five years if I remember rightly), but it’s finally here: the Open University is launching its Creative Writing MA Programme. Now before you get yourselves all excited, the programme doesn’t start until October, but if you want to make the first cut then you’ll need to start thinking about it now; I reckon they’re going to be swamped with applications. I actually started my journey with the Open University when I enrolled on the Creative Writing short course (A215 for those who like the numbers).

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