Spider-man: No Way Home

Right off the bat, I’m going to say this movie is a winner. Definitely the best Spider-man movie so far and … yup, I’m going to say it … possibly the best movie in the Marvel Studios franchise to date.

Jon Watts, the director, has packed everything into this SUV of motion picture: it’s got laughter, tears, more villains than you can shake a stick at, stomach-spinning action sequences – and Benedict Cumberbatch’s dry and hilarious turn as Doctor Strange.

And don’t get me started on … No, dammit; can’t tell you that. Anyway, there are some stellar performances from Tom Holland (especially Tom Holland!), Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, Jacob Batalon and … some other people.

The script is tight; I mean really tight. The movie is a 2½ hour rollercoaster, and not a single second is wasted. Marvel Studios sticks to the formula that works: don’t take yourself too seriously and make sure your heroes and villains are human (which is why I have grave concerns for the next Batman outing). No one is irredeemably bad, and no one is completely good. That’s why Spider-man: No Way Home works on every level; because everyone is human.

Best flick of the year so far. See it.

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