My favourite lockdown binge so far, though it’s kind of hard to describe: a cross between Killing Eve and Jesus Christ Superstar (Jesus even makes a cameo appearance). It’s funny, inventive, has one of the best deadpan cast of characters I’ve ever seen. (Nick Offerman is pure genius), and the script is a pared-down thing of joy. Devs takes place round about now-ish and is the story of a company that is working to develop the holy grail of computer systems: a quantum machine that can

Yup, a game-changer, and the shady techs behind it will kill employees, foreign spies and just about anyone else to keep it a secret.

Devs is a slow-burner: the set (especially the computer – they’re actually working inside the computer!) is a work of art. The whole piece is quiet, atmospheric with dialogue that works effortlessly around some pretty mind-blowing concepts: probability, quantum computing, multiple universes: they’ve thrown the whole Sci-Fi manual at it, and still managed to keep it compulsive viewing. As I’ve said, it’s a standout performance by Nick Offerman (remember Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation?) as the haunted CEO of the company, wracked with doubts over what he’s trying to do.

The whole piece ticks along at an even pace that somehow manages to build a sense of excitement and foreboding when they discover something else that their God machine can do, or when they realise they’re going to have to kill someone else to keep it a secret. There are some really techie bits, and some really, really violent bits, but nothing seems gratuitous, nothing seems wasted.

The soundtrack is awesome, easily as good as Killing Eve, and with incidental music that really tickles the brain.

The whole package is cleverly written, scripted, edited and produced to give you the feeling you’re experiencing an event, not just watching a nerd drama.

Excellent stuff: ten out of ten.

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