The Boys (on Amazon Prime)

A superhero series with a difference: the superheroes, while being ‘super’, aren’t really ‘heroes’. In this story, this crew of overpaid, self-absorbed, drug-addicted, over-sexed, and to be honest, borderline psychotic meta-humans are run by a global, morally bankrupt corporation who keep the billions rolling in with toys, comic books, movie franchises and some fairly dodgy endorsements (chocolate breakfast cereals?). But the whole scheme begins to unravel when one of the ‘supes’ accidentally kills a bystander …

Won’t give anything else away, but Amazon has landed another winner here. It’s violent, gory, and in some places, a little bit ‘yeeeeuukk … no!’

Lots of profanity, which I don’t usually mind, unless it’s being used to fill in gaps in the script, which I felt it was on occasion. And although none of the characters were really likeable, they all seemed to have more depth than I expected.

The Boys probably won’t be a subversive superhero classic like Watchmen, but it deserves to be. The story was gripping, the characters hideous, and it was one of the funniest dark comedies I’ve seen in ages.

Eight out of ten, and can’t wait for Season 2.

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