Italy 2016

Now I don’t even have to invite folk round to my house to bore them with my holiday snaps! I can do it right here!

These are my favourite shots of my trip to Italy. Some have asked why my favourite shots don’t have any people in them. Well, that’s just how I roll. Before I take a picture, I ask the world to move out of the way.


Edge of Tomorrow

I don’t think anyone will be surprised hear that the new Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt flick won’t be called “All You Need is Kill.” While that may work (at some level) as a book title, it doesn’t really grab you as the name of a film. Lot’s of promo stuff has started appearing on the web, including a couple of rather fetching posters:



Day out in Winchester

As writers we’re constantly told to seek out places for inspiration and for God’s sake don’t forget your notebook and a camera. So I went to Winchester, with camera. Forgot the notebook though … 🙁

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