The Ellipsis Reloaded

Occasionally, I go back through some of my past work (Regarding Avalon, written in 2010??) just to see what I’ve learned. One thing I’ve noticed is that I used to use the ellipsis an awful lot; these days, not so much, though still quite a bit. The other thing I’ve noticed that I have formatted it differently in every book I’ve written.

When I started out, I did what most people do, I just typed in three dots, each one surrounded by spaces.

This is . . . three dots surrounded by spaces

Looks okay, though you have to remember to use hard spaces instead of regular spaces, otherwise the dots might get split across lines when the text reflows. That wasn’t the main problem however; what I dislike about this using this is that the spaces between the dots can grow and shrink, depending on how the paragraph is justified. You could end up with something that looks a bit like this:

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The cost of a full stop.

Punctuation matters. We’re not being snobs; we’re not being pedantic. You’re not throwing money away by getting yourself a copy editor to help you out.

With that in mind, here’s another our series of punctuation snafus:

So can I park here or not?

Though not as costly as the case in Maine, I reckon this one will end up with a few refunds paid out to anyone who contests the fine.