The Jumanji 2 trailer is out (and I completely nailed it!)

As much as I dislike blowing my own trumpet (okay, not strictly true: I’d blow it 25 hours a day if I could), I am going to say, here and now – and I swear I won’t mention it ever again – that I was totally on target when I took a guess at the storyline.

You might remember that the cast tweeted a couple of shots from the film set a while back, and the interweb lost its collective shit.

Why the hell, said the Politically Correct Police, is Karen Gillan running around a mosiquito-infested jungle in shorts with her midriff out? I mean, what sensible heroine does that?

Lara Croft, I replied, to no-one in particular.

Each of the four is playing a character in a computer game, and Karen is playing a send-up of the Tomb Raider. I mean, if the name Ruby Roundhouse wasn’t a clue that this is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, then I don’t know what else they could have done short of posting the script on the movie’s website.

Well, the trailer is out and … well, it’s probably best if you see for yourself.

I guess the take-home from this is that it’s probably best to wait until production is actually done before piling in and tearing the movie to bits. A little patience and you stop bloggers getting smug when they’re proven right, and as we all know, there’s nothing worse than a smug blogger.

JumanjiGate: the controversy that isn’t.

I think it’s a very bad idea to comment on a film before it’s released, even if  I’m just as guilty of it as everyone else: remember the whole ‘White Nile’ thing with Gods of Egypt? Turns out the naysayers were right on the money though; that film did have some ‘unfavourable optics’. But still, let’s wait a movie hits the screens before tearing it to pieces.

… But we won’t, will we?

In a brave attempt to get ahead of  the superhero onslaught that the Jumanji sequel is going to be up against next year, one of the stars, Kevin Hart, tweeted a quick publicity shot showing some of the cast in costume.

And here it is:


Not the greatest photo ever taken, but enough to  get the Twittersphere’s underwear in a bunch.

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