Edge of Tomorrow

I don’t think anyone will be surprised hear that the new Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt flick won’t be called “All You Need is Kill.” While that may work (at some level) as a book title, it doesn’t really grab you as the name of a film. Lot’s of promo stuff has started appearing on the web, including a couple of rather fetching posters:



Iain Banks

Very sad to hear that my all-time favourite author has terminal cancer. He posted the news on his website, saying that he probably has about a year to live.


There are only a handful of books I’ve read more than once; he’s written all of them.

The Guardian’s great Sci-Fi hunt

Just a quick one.

The Guardian is running a blog entry to find the best independently-published science fiction story. I’m not sure how they’re going to read through every single entry, but at the very least it’s a good way to get your name in front of your peers. Here’s the link, and don’t forget to check your spelling before you hit the sumbit button 🙂

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