Writing for the Omnipotent

If you’ve been popping into this blog for a while then you might have hit upon the fact that I read comics probably as much as I read books. I don’t have a particular favourite comic book character, but I do have an un-favourite:

Yup, that’s the guy

Now, it’s nothing personal; if he was real then I’m sure that he’d be a thoroughly decent chap, but as a superhero he just doesn’t do it for me. Why? Well, here are some of his most ridiculous exploits over the past several decades:

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Binge-watching Daredevil Season 2…

I didn’t think it possible that the second series could top the first; glad to see I was wrong. A new uniform, the return of a few old favourites (Stick and Wilson Fisk) and a pretty bloody intro to some new ones (The Punisher and Elektra). The fighting sequences were some of the best I’ve seen on television, the plot lines were carefully crafted for intracacy without being too overwhelming, and the acting was top-notch.


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Batman v Superman: why so serious?

Okay, it’s landed on the back of two years of solid hype, and the critics haven’t been kind. But I’ve never met anyone who has stayed away from a superhero flick because a critic didn’t like it, so I don’t think a few slatings are going to sink this one; there’s a billion dollar franchise riding on it, after all.

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