Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Best movie title ever …

You know, I’d never have believed he could pull this off a second time: the Borat character must be so well known you’d think Sacha Baron Cohen would be recognised everywhere, no matter what disguise he put on.

Anyway, assuming that the whole film isn’t a massive put-up job (and I still have my suspicions about some of the people he talks to, and the setups in general), then he not only got away with it, he’s come up with a better, more human, more sphincter-clenchingly uncomfortable film than the original.

In this ninety-odd minute documentary/drama/comedy/seriously I’m not sure what it is, our intrepid journalist finds himself released after fourteen years in a Kazakhstan prison, and offered the chance to redeem himself after embarrassing his entire nation in the first movie. He’s given one simple job: deliver a bribe to the Mayor of America so his country’s standing in the eyes of world will be restored (I have no idea what the real country of Kazakhstan makes of all this …)

Leaving Kazakstan

The plan goes to shit early on, when Borat finds the chimpanzee that he’s supposed to deliver to Donald Trump has been eaten in transit by a stowaway – his fifteen-year-old daughter, Tutar (played magnificently by newcomer Maria Bakalova). Not a problem for Borat: he’ll give the Mayor his daughter instead.

(Possible spoilers after the jump)

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Netflix’s Away

I got to the last episode, so I liked it enough to stick with it (which is pretty good considering the number of tv shows I abandon after part 2). So, yup, it was okay, but it wasn’t without its problems.

The story: the first manned mission to Mars, so nothing particularly new there, but this is particular outing gets away from all the science (yes, all of it), and focusses firmly on the astronauts who’ll be away from home for three years and the people they’re leaving behind. We actually don’t see too much of the other astronauts as the real family drama lies with the mission commander, ably played by Hilary Swank. On the day of the launch, her husband suffers a stroke that leaves him in a wheelchair. Naturally, she’s torn between the mission and her family. And, naturally, she chooses the mission, jetting off to Mars and leaving her daughter and her newly disabled husband behind.

Oh, and there are one or two spoilers after the jump, so proceed with caution (something that no one in Away seemed too bothered about).

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Chadwick Boseman . . .

Woke up to the devastating news that Chadwick Boseman has passed away. And just when I thought the year couldn’t get any worse.

There’s nothing I can say that’ll come close to the expressions of admiration and loss from the people that actually knew him.

Chadwick Aaron Boseman (November 29 1976 – August 28 2020)

All I know is that while he was he was undergoing treatment for colon cancer, his talent, humour and dedication brought life to one of the most iconic characters in comics. That in itself is a testament to his dedication.

Rest in peace, Mr Boseman.