Sorry, yet another review of something on a pay stream, but just like Severance, this weird little gem is well worth the money – from what I’ve seen so far anyway.

Roar is a series of eight films, based on the story collection of the same name by Ceclia Ahern.
Each story touches upon issues such as gender, race, illness – pretty much a metaphor for modern living, which probably explains why the whole series is heavy on metaphors.

I haven’t gone through the whole series yet, but so far, so good:

The Woman Who Disappeared
A black female novelist travels to LA to meet with media executives. As the day wears on, she finds her voice, her vision for her book, and herself slowly fading away.
The Woman Who Ate Photographs.
During a road trip to collect her mother who suffers from Alzemias, a woman discovers she can relive memories by eating photographs from the family album.
The Woman Who was Kept on a Shelf
I think this one is my favourite so far: takes the whole notion of the “trophy wife” to a whole new level.

The pieces are meant to be thought-provoking without necessarily providing a satisfying ending, or in some cases, any real ending at all.

But they are all brilliantly scripted, brilliantly acted, and somewhat dark whilst maintaining a sense of humour.

When you take out the subscription to watch Severance, set a few hours aside to watch Roar as well.

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