Black Panther vs White Mice

Well I said that the trouble would start when the hype has died down, but ‘trouble’ couldn’t wait that long…

The Hollywood Reporter has highlighted the appearance of a number of fake tweets over the weekend, claiming that white cinema-goers have been attacked by black gangs whilst queuing to go into the theatre. As well as posting faked pictures from of the alleged “victims” (culled from adverts used by charities working against abuse no less), the tweets claimed that the victims were told, during the attacks, that they weren’t entitled to see Black Panther because they were white.

Unsurprisingly, the Los Angeles police said they’ve received no reports of any such attack, leaving many to wonder what the knuckle-draggers behind these stories are afraid of.

We’ve certainly had films before with a predominantly black cast (Glory is one of all time favourite movies),
 but it’s rare that we see a film that has portrayed an African nation as being completely in control  of its own destiny, and that is notion that some people won’t tolerate.

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