First chapters of Leonard Bliss and the Accountant of the Apocalypse

“Think on this, Magdelena; If we are nothing but lies, then what is your love for Alfred Warr?”

Sorry, I really love that line 😀

Yup, it’s snippet time, folks. This time, it’s a couple of chapters from my new book breathlessly entitled Leonard Bliss and the Accountant of the Apocalypse.

I’ve posted the first couple of chapters of Alfred Warr and the Accountant of the Apocalypse. Grab ’em here.

Review: Forever Peace by Joe Haldeman

I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to get to this book; I read The Forever War a few years back and decided it was one of the best piece of Science Fiction writing I’d ever come across. Anyway, here’s the review:

It must be Joe Haldeman’s background as both scientist and combat veteran that allows him to deliver such a stark perspective of both the futility and strange necessity of war. Like his first book, The Forever War, Forever Peace is the story of a long running conflict told from the perspective of a foot soldier. The writing is vivid and pared to the bone, leaving no excess detail to shroud the numbness that overcomes those forced to kill in a manner alien to their nature.
The book is often described as sequel to The Forever War, which I don’t think is strictly true. I would say that it’s more of a ‘late prequel’, telling of a period time in Earth’s history that may have occurred while the Forever War was being fought. Anyway, it’s an exciting, well-paced read that effectively describes a world in surprisingly few pages.

The Science Fiction element is almost incidental; it’s Haldeman’s getting inside the characters’ heads that really brings the whole piece to life. The story could have been about any war in any time, and I think the lessons demonstrated would have been the same. Again, I feel it’s the writer’s experiences in Viet Nam that enable him to drive this point home so vividly.

If you’re a Science Fiction buff, then Forever Peace is a must.

Why is it so hard to walk away?

So what was that? Eight months? Quite a siesta, even for me, so what happened?

I had a really good Christmas, writing-wise. Lots of stuff I was really happy with. I wrote a couple of shorts and a started work on a sequel to Regarding Avalon. Early mornings and late nights.

And I missed Christmas 🙁

Not of all of it (I watched a lot of telly) but I did miss the important parts (the family stuff) and I think a lot of that was down to the early mornings and late nights hammering at this very keyboard.  I guess when you’re working full-time, you tend to use the holiday to make as much headway as you can, instead of actually taking a holiday.

I decided that while intensity was a good thing, I needed to get away from the screen and do something else for a while: focus on family, get the real career moving again. Just do more stuff basically,  and get out of the mindset that dedication ≠ 24/7 in front of a screen (it shouldn’t for any job, really).

So I took some time off from writing about artificial life so I could try some of the real thing. And the most surprising thing I discovered was that it’s a lot harder not to write than I thought.

I’m not kidding; it takes real discipline. :-/