Film review: Baby Driver

Some movies are s0 good – I mean so utterly utterly wondrously brilliant – that every moment that you waste reading a review about it is time you could have spent getting yourself to your local cineplex, buying waffles and ice-cream, hunkering down in your seat and treating yourself to the best film you’re likely to see this year.

Baby Driver is one of those movies, so before you go…

When Baby was … well … little more than a baby, a car accident killed his parents and left him with Tinnitus. Fast forward thirteen years or so, and Baby spends his days making mix tapes, caring for his elderly foster parent, and listening to music to deaden the permanent ringing in his ears.

Oh, and he’s also the reluctant getaway driver for the weirdest, most malfunctioning bunch of criminals you’ll see outside of Tarantino flick.

And he becomes even more reluctant when he meets a girl in a diner…

The car chases are the best I’ve ever seen. The soundtrack is beyond awesome, and the love story pulls at you, even while you’re wondering if you’ll ever get your hearing back.

The direction is original, and the players are superb, even the people you don’t like. Kevin Spacey gives a great performance as the middle-aged gentleman career criminal that seems to have become very popular since Breaking Bad. Thinking about it, the role could have gone to James Spader if not for the Blacklist.

Okay, I’m done. Why are you still here? Go see it!

Ten out of ten!

Quite possibly the coolest film ever made.