Avoiding the dodgy movie REboot.

We’re in the age of the movie reboot. Films that you can remember seeing about four years ago are being rebooted for the new era. Fortunately, when it comes to deciding whether to go to cinema or wait until it shows up on Sky Box Office, the title of the movie plays a very important part.

Case in point:

Now, I’m not saying this is going to be a bad movie, but the title doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy feeling. I have a real problem with film titles that reference the franchise, rather than the story. I get to thinking that not a great deal of artistic thought has gone on here. It’s sort of saying: ‘Hey folks, this is the Transporter – again’ rather than telling me that I’m getting more of the stuff I love and enjoy.

Here’s another example: I absolutely loved The Matrix, but I wasn’t that keen on The Matrix Reloaded. The title was telling me that this was just the next one in the series, rather than an outstanding film in its own right.

Do you ever wonder how Fast and Furious made it to seven movies?  I suspect the clue is in the titles. I’m pretty sure Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift wouldn’t have been such a hit if they’d named it Fast and Furious: Resprayed.

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