I watched the cracking first episode of Channel 4’s new Sunday nighter which explores the ideas of machine intelligence. The action is low-key, but the premise is as fascinating as it is chilling: If machines become sentient then are they people, and should they be treated as such? I’d probably say yes, but a few of the characters portrayed in Humans clearly disagree.


It’s not a new idea, and we’ve had a spate of similar movies recently (AI way back in 2001; I, Robot; Ex-Machina; Chappie; Her), but Humans is set in a present-day United Kingdom so it hits much closer to home.

Gripping stuff and well worth looking out for.

4 thoughts on “Humans”

  1. I wrote a little bit about this in my blog. Although the Swedish version is better, Channel 4 have still made a good show that is entertaining to watch. Just a shame about some of the cuts they made.

    1. I didn’t know there’s a Swedish series; I thought the Channel4 series was an original. Seems that a lot of people agree with you that the Swedish version is better, though I think it could be a bit early to tell for sure.
      Mmm, just read your review and I have to agree that it would have been much more effective if they looked less individual. I’ll definitely track down the Swedish series.

      And it appear the creators of Real Humans are a little disappointed that C4 chose to make their own version rather than show the original:

      1. It’s difficult to get the series over here since BBC4 take longer, more Nordic-noir type shows and sky arts take less violent upmarket Danish dramas – to find a place for it is hard. Nevertheless the Swedish version takes its time and by doing that give a much better impression of the synths and the humans that appose them. (Also if if you have any advice on my writing in general then please let me know).

        1. Well, taking it’s time is a good thing; I like slow-burners. 🙂

          And anything I pick by way of writing advice I’m always happy to pass along (though you write extremely well if you don’t mind me saying so).

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