Book Review: Wolf by Mo Hader

Okay, I’m going to be honest here; I was a bit nervous about picking up Wolf because the last couple of Mo Hader books have been a struggle to finish. She seemed to have lost her way a little, but in the main I really enjoy her writing so I thought this one was worth a punt.
Anyway, I’m glad I did, because Wolf marks something of a return to form. Once again, we find DI Jack Caffery of the Somerset Police being dragged into the pit by his personal demons, and at the same time trying to find a killer for whom the term sick in the head was invented.

The plot is ambitious, far-reaching and maintains an exhausting level of tension from the very first page. And I mean that: I finished the book and went for a massage. There are a surprising number of characters who drop in and out of the story, but each one is carefully crafted, so you’re not left wth the impression that the author is just plugging space with people. In fact I hope we see some of them again in later novels.

As we roll towards the conclusion, Hader lets of the handbrake and there’s no putting the book down. There’s the inevitable ‘big reveal’ and I’m sorry that I mistook the clues she left for holes in the story! Thinking about it now, I should have known better.
As usual, the novel is quite graphic in its depiction of violence (sexual and otherwise) so I’d probably not attempt it after a heavy meal, but all in all, wonderful stuff.

Mo Hader is back!

Nine out of ten, but my God who’d live in a house near a Somerset forest?

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