Never thought I’d be quoting Ricky Gervais

Did anyone catch Derek on Sky last month? I haven’t been so keen on Ricky Gervais’ recent stuff (An Idiot Abroad and Life’s Too Short), but Derek really hit the mark with me. Heartwarming, sphincter-clenchingly funny and desperately sad.

derekThe players are faultless, especially Kerry Godliman who is now my favourite actress (sorry, Milla).

One memorable scene was a near-monologue from the superb David Earl who plays Kevin, the hopelessly unattractive layabout. With tears in his eyes he tells us that he’s a failure – not because he didn’t succeed, but because he didn’t try.

Might be something worth remembering when you’re looking at your next agent rejection letter: You haven’t failed – not until you stop trying.

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