Film review: Hardcore Henry (violence, gore and motion sickness)

Wow  :-O

Well… I really don’t know how to describe this one. It’s a low-budget action movie, short on plot, big on a set pieces. It has something to do with an albino meglomaniac (why do albinos get such bad press in these films?) and a cyborg army constructed from resurrected corpses. I sort of lost the thread early on, but it was either hang on to it or hang on to my lunch, and since the local cineplex has just had new seats fitted…


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Film review: Eddie the Eagle

Missus Dom and me have an arrangement: one of us gets to pick a movie and then the other picks the next one. I squandered my turn on Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and I’m still wondering if Eddie the Eagle would have been  a better choice…


Some of you might remember Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards: the British ski-jumper who entered the 1988 Winter games at Calgary. Eddie had very little going for him aside from iron gonads and a ‘must try’ attitude. He didn’t do very well of course, but the world loves an underdog, so for most of 1988, the world loved Eddie the Eagle.

So much so, it appears, that someone decided that a biopic based loosely around Eddie’s adventures at the Calgary Games might be a bit of a seller.

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