The Quisling Orchid

There was once a maid who loved a man 
with a splinter of her heart; 
her soul she gave 
to the village she adored
and the blind Jewess 
she took to the mountain.

Brigit and her mother Monica are war criminals by blood: despised throughout Norway as the last living relatives of Erik Brenna – the Coward of Fólkvangr – whose act of betrayal led to the loss of two hundred lives.

Sullen and illiterate after a lifetime as a fugitive, Brigit embarks on a quest to bring her father to justice, aided and tormented by a repentant German soldier and a psychotic Nazi hunter.

Her journey takes her far from home, across Germany and Israel, uncovering a hidden history of war crimes, international conspiracies, and a triangle of forbidden love that begins and ends with the massacre at Fólkvangr.